Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mount Holly Writers Conference November 18!

Still Kicking, My Literary Friends! Kicking and getting my feet wet again with HORROR+ The Mount Holly Writers Conference!

On November 18, The New Jersey Authors Network, South Jersey Writers Group, and South Jersey Women Authors are teaming up with the Mill Race Village Arts & Preservation to present this 1 Day Author Conference at Robin's Nest Restaurant in the Downtown Mount Holly.

Writers Young or Old and New or Experiences are invited to Dine and Inspire your NaNoWriMo with Local Authors discussing Paranormal, Young Adult, Horror, Mystery, Thrillers, and Romance Writing, Marketing, and Publishing in Three Panels:

10 a.m.Writing Paranormal and Young Adult Books with Laura Kaighn, Kerry Gans, Jennifer Eaton, Marie Gilbert, Caridad Pineiro, and D.L. Cocchio

2 p.m.Trends in Horror and Thrillers with Krista Magrowski, Brian McKinley,  Tim Meyer, Gary Frank, K. Edwin Fritz, and Dina Given

4 p.m.Publishing in Genre and Romance with Terri Brisbin, Tina Gabrielle, Ginny Nescott, Stacey Wilk, and Myrtha Jasmine

Tickets cost $30 and includes all 3 panels and Lunch. Sign up online at 


For more information, also check out Our Facebook Event:


See you at the Conference! 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My First Story Feature!

Hello again, literary friends!

This month I've been featured as part of the 'My First Story' theme happening on HorrorAddicts.net Hostess Emerian Rich's Embox blog!

You can read about my earliest writing pursuits and even see some pathetic photographic evidence!


Yeah, it was that bad. 😆

Thanks for having me stop by your blog, Emerian!  


Monday, May 22, 2017

She's Alive!

Hello Virtual Family, Friends, and Fiends! 

Yes, believe it or not I am alive! As many of you may know, the past several years I've had a difficult battle with Lyme Disease, and truth be told, there were times I wasn't so sure I was living thanks to the increasing suffering Lyme causes and the difficulty in finding an understanding doctor to steer a proper course of treatment. 

While others may find it therapeutic to discuss such things online or on social media, I'm not one to talk very much about these kind of personal set backs online. I did however, have to stop doing book shows, writing workshops, and all my other appearances in addition to stepping back almost all of my social media presence. My fiction work has been put on hold, but I have continued to do my newspaper columns and website work in small doses mainly at Horror Addicts.net and I Think, Therefore I Review.

But alas just in time for Lyme Disease Awareness month, my article on Lyme Disease Misnomers and how to be Vigilant Against Them is out now in the Summer 2017 Issue of SEARCH Magazine!

Thankfully, I did find a lyme literate doctor, and with proper medicine and compassionate treatment, I am beginning to be myself again! I don't expect to update this blog any time soon with upcoming book tours just yet, but I am writing the good fight slowly but surely!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Writerly Happenings and Videos!

It's September Everyone!!!! That means all the fall and horror shenanigans are afoot at last! Not that the summer wasn't busy, because the sunshine was torturous for this vamp!

(Hey look I match the spooky swirly background!)

You can catch up with some of the recent South Jersey Writers Group happenings including recaps of our Morning Coffee What to Watch segment with guest and fellow local blogger Glenn Walker....

SJWG June Roundup
SJWG July Roundup
"Marvel" Morning Coffee 
"Star Trek" Morning Coffee

....Or you can get your horror film insights on with my special RadioVision Network interview with the delightful Emily DiPrimio, director of the new slasher picture Carver.


Now then, are you bitten by the writing bug yourself? Never fear! The New Jersey Author Network's "So You Want to Write a Book" Q&A Panel is for you! Join us 7 p.m. Thursday September 17 at the Mullica Hill Branch Library for this informative discussion.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Coffee and Appearances!

My fellow writers, don't forget to join the next New Jersey Authors Network Panel 1 p.m. Saturday August 8 at A Novel Idea in Vineland! This is your last chance of the summer to get your copy of Horror Addicts Guide to Life!!

8/8 NJAN Panel, Vineland


Can't see us locally? Gasp, maybe you're not into horror! Never fear, we get our comic book film conversation ON during the latest episodes of the What to Watch segment on RadioVisionNetwork.com's Morning Coffee!!

Watch live streaming video from morning_coffee at livestream.com

Tune in LIVE 10 a.m. eastern Fridays for more of the What to Watch shenanigans or read our latest reviews at I Think, Therefore I Review!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Vampire Family Chronicle: Here, There, Everywhere, Vampires Galore!

My fellow fiendish friends! There's no time like the hot, sunshiny summer to stay indoors and catch up with Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family

Up first, you can read my featured interview on Horror Addicts.net!  

Want to get in on the action here in South Jersey? Don't forget the New Jersey Authors Network will be visiting the Millville Library TOMORROW Wednesday July 15 for a Teen Writing and Young Adult Authors workshop! Catch the NJAN at the A Novel Idea Bookstore again in Vineland August 8, too.

NJAN Panel July 15, Millville

 NJAN Panel Aug 8, Vineland


Last week Radio Vision Network's Morning Coffee Talk Show also got a dose of vampire goodness. Remember to tune in 10 a.m. est every Friday for our recommendations and visit the video archive for more!

Read the whole scoop at The Vampire Family Chronicle: Here, There, Everywhere, Vampires Galore!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

More July Appearances and Events!

Greetings fellow Literary Enthusiasts and Horror Mavens! 

We still have a few more summer dates for you to come say hello, talk author shop, and pick up your copy of Horror Addicts Guide to Life

First, the New Jersey Authors Network is making another visit to the Millville Public Library July 15 to talk "Writing By and For Teens and Young Adults."  If you missed the NJAN panel June 27 at the A Novel Idea Bookstore in Vineland due to our freak torrential weather, never fear you can stop by at A Novel Idea again August 8 for the "Which Publication Route is Right for You?" seminar. So that's...

NJAN Panel July 15, Millville
NJAN Panel Aug 8, Vineland


Whew! Can't make it to South Jersey? Don't forget you can catch Yours Truly chatting Movies, Television, Cinema, Streaming, and More 10 a.m. Fridays on RadioVisionNetwork.com's Morning Coffee Talk Show. You can watch and listen live, check out the video archive for previous episodes, or visit I Think, Therefore I Review to read yet more film articles and essays. 

Hold on, I'm not done!! Remember you can also hear my scary self on the Horror Addicts.net podcast talking terrifying television, and on the latest episode, you can also hear an electrifying excerpt from Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family! Hot diggity! 

Shop Fate and Fangs!

Shop Fate and Fangs!