Monday, May 22, 2017

She's Alive!

Hello Virtual Family, Friends, and Fiends! 

Yes, believe it or not I am alive! As many of you may know, the past several years I've had a difficult battle with Lyme Disease, and truth be told, there were times I wasn't so sure I was living thanks to the increasing suffering Lyme causes and the difficulty in finding an understanding doctor to steer a proper course of treatment. 

While others may find it therapeutic to discuss such things online or on social media, I'm not one to talk very much about these kind of personal set backs online. I did however, have to stop doing book shows, writing workshops, and all my other appearances in addition to stepping back almost all of my social media presence. My fiction work has been put on hold, but I have continued to do my newspaper columns and website work in small doses mainly at Horror and I Think, Therefore I Review.

But alas just in time for Lyme Disease Awareness month, my article on Lyme Disease Misnomers and how to be Vigilant Against Them is out now in the Summer 2017 Issue of SEARCH Magazine!

Thankfully, I did find a lyme literate doctor, and with proper medicine and compassionate treatment, I am beginning to be myself again! I don't expect to update this blog any time soon with upcoming book tours just yet, but I am writing the good fight slowly but surely!

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Shop Fate and Fangs!