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Horror Addicts Guide to Life -Do you love the horror genre? Do you look at horror as a lifestyle? Do the “norms” not understand your love of the macabre?

Despair no longer, my friend, for within your grasp is a book written by those who look at horror as a way of life, just like you. This is your guide to living a horrifying existence. Featuring interviews with Midnight Syndicate, Valentine Wolfe, and The Gothic Tea Society...

Authors: Kristin Battestella, Mimielle, Emerian Rich, Dan Shaurette, Steven Rose Jr., Garth von Buchholz, H.E. Roulo, Sparky Lee Anderson, Mary Abshire, Chantal Boudreau, Jeff Carlson, Catt Dahman, Dean Farnell, Sandra Harris, Willo Hausman, Laurel Anne Hill, Sapphire Neal, James Newman, Loren Rhoads, Chris Ringler, Jessica Robinson, Eden Royce, Sumiko Saulson, Patricia Santos Marcantonio, J. Malcolm Stewart, Stoneslide Corrective, Mimi A.Williams, and Ron Vitale. With art by Carmen Masloski and Lnoir.

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Horror and Dark Fantasy

The Vampire Family - Antonio Welshire accepts the mysterious Mestiphles' offer for vampiric power, but fails to consider that not all in his family desires evil. Daughter Victoria revels in the debauchery, but eldest daughter Samantha loathes the darkness. Enemies are in no short supply when the family turns to darkness. Charismatic rebel Gaston turns up to rival for Antonio's power; the vampire lover Jean can destroy them once and for all, and henchwoman Lilith seeks to supplant Antonio as Mestiphles' favorite.

Who will be declared the victor? And in the end, though they've survived coven wars and persecutions since the 12th century, can this vampire family survive each other or will they self destruct before the 21st century?

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ISBN-10: 192664722X ISBN-13: 978-1926647227 Eternal Press 2008

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Love: Ann and the Viking - In this medieval tale, scorned vampire mistress Ann leaves vampire family patriarch Antonio behind, travels across Britain, and encounters a wayward Viking named Eric.  Will Ann accept her true vampiric nature and turn her Nordic lover into a vampire?    
Punishment: Lilith's Trials - In this bizarre and seemingly anonymous tale, beautiful vampire nemesis Lilith suffers plenty at the delight of her mysterious and demonic tormentor. 
Struggle: Elizabeth in America - Seeking solace and solitude from her unhappy home life as the unloved wife of Antonio, Elizabeth travels to colonial America.  On the outskirts of civilization, she meets Rain, a young Kiowa warrior on a vision quest.  Will his lack of fear and gripping hothouse experience help Elizabeth’s face the vampire truths she sought to escape? 
Debauchery: Victoria's Burning - Victoria uses the fallout from the American Civil War to her advantage-or so the beautiful but deadly blockade-runner hopes.  After all her using, abusing, and feedings, Victoria’s slaves finally take matters into their own hands, forcing Antonio’s daughter to face her own mortality. 
Lust: James at the Sundowner - The Sundowner offers steamy Welshire vampires Jessica, Pamela, and Slava for underground vampire sex and biting fetishes, but Victoria’s twin brother James is content with his gig as piano player at the club owned by their brother Stephen.  James’ own love Catrina is the alluring singer at there, but can he keep his longtime vampire companion away from the tempting, exciting young clientele?  

Humanity: A Letter from Gaston - Gaston is trying to move on with his life now that the Vampire Family has been is human again.  Unfortunately, his sister Victoria cannot cope with the change and succumbs to drugs, depression, and sex binges with her former fledgling Caine.  When Gaston looses his job over Victoria’s suicide attempt, their pregnant sister Samantha comes to London to help-making a journey that could be disastrous to her unborn children. 

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Resurrection: Stephanie after the Lilithan - Former Lilithan vampire and newly divorced scientist Stephanie can’t get over how much she misses being a vampire.  After a harrowing car accident, she meets Mestiphles, the giver and taker of vampire power on both sides of the coven wars.  His charm and seductive powers sweeten the demonic offer he extends, but will Stephanie accept?

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Leigh Wood Erotica Author

On the Way to New Isosceles - JJ was as hard nosed as they come-and then some. But, hey, the destruction of earth did that to everyone. Humanity fractioned into three groups. Affectionately known as 'the Shitters', the Shipper Brigade manufactures the best space faring vehicles for themselves. Skilled fighters and martial artists Combatants like JJ fight the Shippers for what they can-even though Combatant numbers were severely depleted by the third faction. The Nukes rescued chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons from Earth's doom and aren't afraid to use them.

You can imagine JJ's surprise when she meets the Nuke Lieutenant Rub. Their initial meeting didn't rub either the right way. Despite her Nuke anxiety-JJ has to put it all aside. Her Captain and the Nuke Colonel have struck a deal to defeat the Shippers once and for all. The Nukes leave their tiny outpost on a far flung, degrading planet and join the Combatants in taking the lush planet protected by the Shippers. It's a long, tough journey on the way to New Isosceles, and the animosity between Rub and JJ gets hotter by the day...

ISBN-10: 1926704908 ISBN-13: 978-1926704906 Eternal Press 2009

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Horns of Myleness - Coming Soon!


Currently Out of Print Works

The Adventures of Pave - He's a pure bred mutt who gets into the trash and chases more cats than he should, except when he's having delusions of granduer and free Alpo for life!  Will Pave ever get all the food he wants?  Will he ever get into the swimming pool?!
The Adventures of Pave was first published as an e-book in January 2005 by the now defunct Pennsylvania Publisher Lilac Books. 

Blood Type: VAlex is a vampire, plain and simple, until he meets Dr. Anna Logan that is.  Can he tell about his vampirism and destroy their friendship and the potential for something more?  Anna's fiance Dr. Stephen Matteo is naturally jealous and suspicious of Alex, and he's willing to take extreme measures to solve the mystery in Alex's DNA. ...

This short and sweet vampire tale was written after The Vampire Family 's first incarnations in 1999 and although published first, is unrelated to my Welshire novels.

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