Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Coffee and Appearances!

My fellow writers, don't forget to join the next New Jersey Authors Network Panel 1 p.m. Saturday August 8 at A Novel Idea in Vineland! This is your last chance of the summer to get your copy of Horror Addicts Guide to Life!!

8/8 NJAN Panel, Vineland


Can't see us locally? Gasp, maybe you're not into horror! Never fear, we get our comic book film conversation ON during the latest episodes of the What to Watch segment on RadioVisionNetwork.com's Morning Coffee!!

Watch live streaming video from morning_coffee at livestream.com

Tune in LIVE 10 a.m. eastern Fridays for more of the What to Watch shenanigans or read our latest reviews at I Think, Therefore I Review!

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Shop Fate and Fangs!